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How do I make an appointment ? I arrange dates through email, but I can assure you that I will respond promptly. The sooner you contact me, the more chances we have to be able to get together. I will need to know your full name (unsigned messages do not inspire trust), the date, time and length of the date you would like to arrange with me, as well as the location A small introduction (a few words) to tell me who I am communicating with is always appreciated. The more precise you are, the easier and faster it will be to set up a date.

How do you select the people you meet? By choice, I do not meet with many people. I also prefer to meet gentlemen over 35 years old. I like to make our time memorable and pleasant for the both of us. If I have doubts about our compatibility or if you are looking for something that I think or know I canít give you satisfaction for, I will respectfully decline the invitation. Privacy & discretion are very important to me, so I understand that some people are reluctant to give much private information. The same way I know you wonít contact a girl that you donít have a ďgood feelingĒ about, I certainly wonít consider arranging a date with someone who doesnít want to give me the basic details required.

Are you available to travel? Yes, I love to travel and visit new & exciting places! It can be for a getaway weekend, a business trip or a full week of pleasure and relaxation. Just contact me if you need more information!

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